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J-Spato is a sanitary ware company located by the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou, established in 2019. We focus on luxury massage bathtub, steam shower room and bathroom cabinets. With evolution and the requirement of customers, Now J-spato is not only the owner of two factories which has 25,000 Sq.m and more than 85 employees, but also have very good suppliers for other relative products such as bathroom faucet and bathroom accessory.

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Customer Review

  • <span>BILL</span><br><span>QC, CA</span>
    QC, CA
    I am very satisfied with the service experience of your bathroom company. The products you provide are of high quality and the price is right. In working with your company, I felt the integrity and professionalism of your company, which is very trustworthy. Thank you for your professional advice and timely response, which made our cooperation go very smoothly."
  • <span>Julia</span><br><span>Melbourne, AU</span>
    Melbourne, AU
    "I am very satisfied with your service. The quality of your products is very good and the price is very reasonable. I am very satisfied with your company's professionalism and attention to customers during the cooperation process. The solution you provided not only solved my problem, but also optimized my original design. Thank you for your professional attitude and efficient way of working, and we look forward to more opportunities for cooperation in the future."
  • <span>Gary</span><br><span>TX, USA</span>
    TX, USA
    "Your company's service is very attentive and caring. Your team is very friendly and always willing to provide assistance and advice to ensure my project is a success. You have exceeded my expectations, both in terms of product quality and service level. Thanks to your excellent skills and attentive service, I am confident that our cooperation will be even smoother."
  • <span>Andrew</span><br><span>Belfast, UK</span>
    Belfast, UK
    "Very impressive service! The quality of your products is really high and I appreciate your adherence to the materials, design and craftsmanship of your products. Your sales team was very professional and provided me with very good advice and solutions. When some problems arose, you handled them in a very timely manner and I appreciate your agile response and problem solving attitude."
  • <span>Stephen</span><br><span>Monterey, USA</span>
    Monterey, USA
    "You are one of my most trusted bathroom suppliers in our business. Your company's service has been consistent, high quality and efficient. The quality of your products is impressive and the prices are very moderate. As a professional importer, we understand the importance of a good supplier, and your company has become our first choice."
  • <span>Daniel</span><br><span> France</span>
    "Throughout our years of business cooperation, your company has maintained high quality service and products, both your sales team and your product design and production team are very professional and efficient. We appreciate your patience and support and look forward to more business cooperation."
  • <span>Antonia</span><br><span>Poland</span>
    "We have been working with your company and the quality of the bathroom products you have provided has been consistent and well met the needs of our customers. Your sales team and after-sales service team are very responsible and professional, which makes us very satisfied with the cooperation. We believe that with your help, our business cooperation will be smoother and smoother."
  • <span>Lee</span><br><span>TX, USA</span>
    TX, USA
    "As a business in the bathroom industry in North America, we have always worked with your company. Your service has been outstanding and the quality of your products has been so consistent. Your expertise and timely responses have given us great peace of mind and satisfaction during our partnership. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future."